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Ezugi live casino online established in 2013, is an exclusive developer of live dealer games, focusing on creating an attractive option instead of playing in a land-based casino. Even if the company itself is still young, it is managed by individuals with experience in the online and physical world.

It shows up! It took them a long time to build an enviable reputation and earn the respect of players, experts and their senior competitors.

The provider currently offers 20 live croupier games provided by 9 studios, which can be used in more than 100 gambling venues around the world. The company is located in Tel Aviv, has approximately 200 employees, and has a license issued by the Curaçao Video Game Licensing Authority.

Table Provided By Ezugi

Ezugi games come from studios in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Baltic Sea. In addition to public tables, the provider also provides fully customizable private tables, including studio, dealer and business card designs.

Ezugi 360 is a unique platform that allows land-based casinos to overcome obstacles created by physical space constraints.

An unlimited number of players can participate in games played at the gaming table through their mobile devices, tablet computers located in the bar, terminals located on the board of the entertainment venue or TVs in hotel rooms without claiming seats.

The company is also the first company to provide live games in a US casino (the Gold Nugget Casino in Atlantic City).

The quality of Ezugi games is usually high in many ways. Multiple cameras allow players to see the cards and steering wheel well. The interface is very user-friendly, minimizing lag, and seeing other tables in the background further improves the authenticity of the game experience.

A player with a low connection speed can reduce the video quality, or use the automatic option to let the software automatically customize the video quality. The well-designed lobby can display all available games, each with the picture and name of the dealer, betting limits, the results of the last round and the number of seats occupied (if applicable).

Ezugi product portfolio is extremely rich, and its games have features other than regular game history, real-time chat, audio and video controls. This is one of the rare developers who can choose to pay a tip to the distributor to thank them for their excellent service and performance.

Ezugi products also integrate social tools, allowing you to chat with Facebook friends while playing games, and bragging when you encounter big problems.

Ezugi Live Roulette

Ezugi Live Roulette is a European-style game with a single zero and 2.7% house advantage. Multiple games can be played at once, and the multiple views of the roulette table provided by 3 cameras (instead of the usual 2 cameras) help create an immersive gaming experience. Before releasing the ball, players will have approximately 30 seconds to place bets on the computer-generated table.

In addition to traditional bets, Ezugi live roulette also offers rare red and black split bets. The first one consists of 4 pairs of bets, where the pairs consist of red only, such as 9/12 and 27/30. The second consists of 7 pairs of bets with only black numbers, such as 10/11 and 26/29.

The table limit is displayed on the screen. On Casino Extra, you will see that the limit is between 0.10 Euro and 2,000 Euro.

The betting management button is placed at the bottom of the screen together with chips of various denominations. The hint button allows you to tip your card handling skills, while the “statistics” button opens the history and displays hot/cold numbers, the last 10 winning numbers, and an overview of winning numbers/regions in the first 100 spins.

The real-time automatic roulette is played without a dealer, but it has a high-tech fully automatic reel, which makes the game more realistic than games driven by RNG. It has exactly the same functions as Live Roulette hosted by Ezugi live roulette host.

The developers also offer OTT (super) roulette games that are streamed from land-based gambling establishments (such as Portomaso, Royal and Oracle casinos) around the world.

High-definition cameras have been installed above the table, and although the communication between the physical location and the online location has been disabled so as not to disturb the players on the ground, people gambling via the Internet can still communicate with each other.

Ezugi Live Blackjack

The standard live blackjack can hold 7 players, but there are countless other players who can participate in the “behind bets” event. They will be able to double after the doubled player, double again when they split or only play with the right hand, and then buy insurance with the participant, their bet or refuse to participate.

The game also has an optional perfect pair and 21 + 3 side bet. The latter combines blackjack and three-card poker, based on the combination of the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s previous card Pay up to 100:1.

When the dealer shows A, it will provide insurance to the player and hand over half of the shares. Join the game, you will almost feel like sitting at a real table. All controls are carefully designed to never hinder the view.

The toolbar section allows you to adjust sound controls and switch to full-screen view, as well as access history and game rules. In Casino Extra, you can bet between €1 and €2,000.

Unlimited blackjack automatic splitting can welcome an unlimited number of players at the same time. It has an automatic split function on some pairs, and has “perfect pairs” and 21 + 3 side bets.

Ezugi Hybrid Blackjack is an add-on that also allows countless participants to join the participants sitting at the table. The Blackjack pointer simulated by RNG is the same as the dealer’s hand.

Ezugi Live Baccarat

Ezugi offers perhaps the most diverse real-time baccarat game. Standard One can accommodate an unlimited number of players, has a classic route map and additional statistics, and provides optional additional bets, such as player and banker pairs, big, small, perfect pair and any pair.

Knockout Baccarat has 7 independent side bets, including total wins with odds between 2:1 and 7:1, and the natural winner/banker cashes out at 4:1.

Baccarat Express 6 pays slightly differently, while Express 6 offers a total of 6 bets on the winning banker at odds of 12:1. The Baccarat Dragon Prize is a standard game with optional player and dealer bonus side bets.

When the natural points of the hand you bet are higher than the other hand, or if the winning hand is 4+ points higher than the losing hand, the side bet will win. The greater the margin, the greater the payout.

Live Dragon Tiger is basically a two-card baccarat. One of them is drawn to Dragon and the other is drawn to Tiger. Players bet on two of them higher. This variant has 3 marginal notes, namely odd/even, big/small and suit. In Casino Extra, the betting limit for real-time baccarat is between 0.5 Euro and 2,000 Euro.

Ezugi Live Casino Hold’em

Hold’em, a live casino broadcast by Ezugi Eastern Europe Studio, is another game that can accommodate hundreds of players at the same time. The game uses one deck and all participants bet the same.

The optional side bet offers a pair of aces or higher, even if the dealer wins the round, the odds range from 7:1 to 100:1. The simple interface makes it easy to play, and although the cards on the table are clearly visible, the sides still provide additional digital displays.

Ezugi Live Bet On Numbers

Bet On Numbers is a lottery-style game broadcast live from the developer’s Baltic Studio. 6 balls are drawn every 6-6 minutes on the screen in real time.

By selecting 1, 2, 3 or 4 individual numbers, red or white and the sum of the numbers, players can bet on 36 different number combinations.

The highest odds of 2,000:1 ended up in the hands of the player who correctly guessed 4 out of 6 numbers. One person can buy multiple lottery tickets for the same draw, thereby increasing the chance of winning.

Authenticity can not only be achieved by randomly drawing numbered balls from glass balls instead of being selected by RNG, but also by getting close-ups of all key elements during the lottery.

Ezugi Live Keno

Live Keno, broadcast by Ezugi Latvian studio, is a classic game in which 20 balls out of 80 balls. Before the round starts, players need to use the computer-generated list found at the bottom of the screen to place bets.

Auto Sic Bo

Unlike Playtech’s Live Sic Bo, Ezugi variant uses 3 wheels to attract winning numbers, each with 48 parts, with numbers between 1 and 6. The live Sic Bo is broadcast from Ezugi Belgian studio. There is no live agent and can be broadcast 24/7.

Ezugi Languages Offered

In addition to English, players will also find live Ezugi games hosted by live traders who speak Turkish and Spanish. Each non-English game displayed in the lobby has a small sign to indicate which language is spoken on that particular table.

Not long ago, the company launched the so-called Lounge Roulette, located in a library environment, hosted only by a Turkish deputy host.

Ezugi Platform Overview

With its multi-platform solution, Ezugi games can be played on many different devices. PC players will access the Flash version, and the HTML 5 format will enable users with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to access the game.

You can also enjoy live dealer games with mobile devices as game controls on smart TVs.

Live Dealers

Ezugi real-time dealer team is a mixed race. People may meet happy and smiling people who are obviously well-trained, focused on the game and eager to interact, but the English of the ladies and gentlemen is not satisfactory, they rarely laugh and occasionally look bored and yawn Yawn in front of the camera (although they will apologize for it).

The right pit boss will appear occasionally to ensure that everything is under 100% control of the player.

Competitive Advantages and Points of Difference

Unbelievably, the latecomer has such diversified functions, which is obviously better than its more experienced and larger competitors. Ezugi product range includes many standard games, but there are also some unique games that make it stand out.

There seem to be many other ways, including Caribbean Stud with progressive jackpots and Texas Holdem Bonus Poker. Their games have unique features, such as tips to dealers and social tools, as well as little-known additional features such as the above-mentioned roulette betting.

The bad thing is that the quality of streaming media varies from studio to studio, and the quality of distributors is equally inconsistent.

Perhaps in the near future, Ezugi would better upgrade these two important elements instead of focusing on adding new games to the already impressive portfolio. In particular, we must see how much energy the leading live game providers put in to provide impeccable production quality and consistently excellent top online casino malaysia dealers and online slot game brokers.